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How do REALTORS® get compensated?
Great Question! 

Realtors get paid by a percentage of the proceeds from the sale and are paid by the seller. Therefore using a Realtor to Buy a property is absolutely free! The typical commission in Alberta is 7% of the first $100,000 and 3.5% of the balance. However, what most people do not realize is that this percentage is 100% negotiable. 

Why should we hire you?
Another Great Question! 

My pledge to you is that I will always communicate with you in a reliable and timely manner on a consistent basis. In fact, it is what most of my past clients love about me the most! You can check out my testimonials here.  I will always be punctual and educate you on the process as we go through it. Also, I am only an advisor here to help you find your dream home or sell your property. You are always in charge! I have been a Realtor since 2017 and have over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing. 

What type of Guarantee do you provide?

If you sign with me you can end your contract within the first 30 days If you think I am not the right fit for you. I truly want you to have the best experience and if it is not with me then with someone who you are comfortable and enjoy working with.

Can you provide referrals to industry professionals?

Absolutely! I have a bevy of Industry professionals that are very good at what they do! I do not receive any compensation for referring people! I only recommend people I have worked with and had a very positive experience with. So if you need a Mortgage Broker, Inspector, or contractor please let me know If I can help find you the right professional 

How many Homes can I view?

You can view as many homes as you like. However, I do suggest the Maximum number of homes you visit in one day is 5 or fewer. This is so you can remember them all! However, there are times when we have to see more and I understand that.

What else do I need to know?

As I already have mentioned you are in charge so I move at your speed. I do not believe in high-pressure sales tactics so you can take your time. I have had clients that find a home right away and others who have been looking for 2 years.  Everyone is different and everyone's situation is different.
I will however educate you about market conditions and advise you when I think it is in your best interest to move quickly. 
I try and be as flexible as I can with my schedule so let me know what works for you and I will do my best to make it happen. This also applies to communication styles. Do you prefer text, phone calls, face to face meetings? you decide what works best for you. 

Are you ready to have a casual conversation regarding your next steps? We can do this in person or over the phone /zoom. Whichever works best for you. Send me a message below!

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